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Every spring, design aficionados swarm to Milan to catch the latest trends in design and art. “Fuorisalone” is what the Italians have named the most important events and exhibitions that define design week and that ultimately encapsulate Milan during the festival. This year, we had our favorite Italian travel gal, resident Milanese, Guilia Peron, on the ground to scope out the scene. In this week’s thing to know, Giulia updates us on all the reasons why Milan, while much smaller when compared to it’s neighbors like Paris and London, is one of the most chic cosmopolitan cities in Europe.

Walk it

Milan is small enough to walk just about everywhere. Taxis can be also be pretty expensive even for small distances


The Italians love their reservations. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, make sure to call ahead for the places on our list or for anywhere relatively fancy.

Cash is still king

Small shops and artisanal spots are still strict about utilizing credit cards. Your best bet is to always carry enough cash to cover a spontaneous purchase or two.

Where to Stay...

Our Milanese friends are owners of Ostello Bello Grande, winner of the best large hostel worldwide and most popular hostel in Milan. Before you reminisce about your study abroad year and experiences with hostel’s you’d rather keep somewhere in the back of your mind, Ostello Bello Grande isn’t your typical hostel. The place is swarming with locals and tourists alike at its nightly “apertivo” that reigns true to the essence of the city. Ostello Bello has two locations that also can’t be argued against, one near the central railway station and the other only a few blocks from the Duomo on via Medici. We promise you’ll walk away from your stay having felt you've made friends with some real Italians.
If you fancy an apartment that keeps its pulse on Milan’s design spirit then you must check out these three AirBnb apartments. Located on arguably the best street in Brera and next door to the restaurant Pisacco. These newly renovated apartments are fascinating spaces that offer a unique comfort and decorated with design pieces from Milan’s top shops.

Where to Eat and Drink...

Osteria del Binari is loved by locals. A beautiful restaurant that oozes with history with its decor, the food sticks to the more traditional plates you’d expect in Northern Italy.

Piscacco is the brainchild of a group of partners who were formerly art collectors and the all-star chef, Andrea Berton. Together they decided to unite their passion for modern unadorned Italian cuisine.

Fonderie Milanesi has an inviting garden in the middle of a more industrial part of the city. On warmer days, it’s a great spot for a big group looking to enjoy the never-ending apertivohour with good food and drinks.

Spirit de Milan steals the win for one of the most beautiful locations in Milan. Slightly outside the city center’s hot spots, this gem is an ex-crystal factory converted to a restaurant and theater that hosts swing, jazz, and rock concerts. On the weekends, they even setup a flea market. It’s one not to miss.

Mag Cafe is situated along the canals in the Navigli District and known for its mixologists who craft some of the most unique cocktails in the city.

Bar Basso is a historical cocktail bar that has slowly become a Milanese institution. It made its mark for famously inventing the Negroni Sbagliato which, is served in huge iconic scenographic glasses with three large ice cubes

The Doping Club is a high-end cocktail bar that sits inside the Yard Hotel and dedicates itself as a tribute to the love of sport. Its modern alchemists teeter along an uncomfortable subject in the sports industry by serving you up delicious cocktails in vintage glasses.

Radetzy Cafe has been a fashionable hangout since the late 80’s and is often frequented by architects and designers. The space has a vibrant atmosphere especially during the apertivo hour.

The Ideal Day Trip...

Talk about a city in the ideal location, you can arrive to the Mediterranean Sea, the Swiss Alps, and Lake Cuomo all within 2 hours from Milan. If there were ever a place you’re thinking of relocating to for a short stint or even permanently, Milan may be it. All of these places certainly warrant more than a day trip so we thought we’d share our favorite photos from some recent adventures around the region.

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