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Copenhagen is one of those cities that you’ll probably want to visit more than once. It’s comfortable, stylish, and easy to maneuver. You’ll fall in love with the concept of cycling everywhere and you’ll wish more cities would take real initiative in becoming transportation pioneers. With almost 50% of its population cycling to work or school, you’ll notice the air is cleaner and that traffic is busier in bike lanes than in the roads. Most of your time will be spent exploring endless coffee shops, design stores, and eating lots of open faced sandwiches. Our things to know this week offers only a glimpse to what is a much needed second visit to this sleek Nordic city.


Due to its seaside location, weather is relatively unstable and subject to random rain showers. Pack layers regardless of what season you’re visiting in.


No Euros here. Denmark is on the krone (crown) and restaurant bills normally include service charge. Taxi drivers won’t expect a tip.


For a chance to learn some words and staple phrases in Danish, watch our all-time favorite TV show, Borgen, before your trip.

Where to Stay...

This is the ideal AirBnb city. If you’re home base is New York, a slight rage will come over you when you see how large, how much light, and how beautiful the furniture is in most apartments in this city. For first timers, stay in the city center near the Botanical Gardens and try to face the Sortedam Lake.

Where to Eat and Drink...

Geist is an interesting and delicious fine dining experience if Noma digs too far into your wallet. Reservations are also not too difficult to get.

Beau Marché Café à Vins is situated in a cozy backyard in the city center and is perfect for a late afternoon glass of wine or early evening cocktails before dinner.

Ruby teleports you the minute you walk through the door. For a city obsessed with beer, the mixologists at this cocktail bar prepare drinks like few places we’ve seen.

Sankt Anne 8 is a homey bistro with reasonable prices. The daily menu offers one dish but there is an endless list of wines to choose from and a fantastic cheeseboard.

The Ideal Day Trip...

Louisiana, Copenhagen's museum of modern art (MoMa), gets and deserves all the hype. But it’s getting there that truly makes the ideal day trip. We dare you to bike the 26 mile journey from Copenhagen to MoMa and discover tiny little towns along the coast. There are two stops along the way that make the journey worth it. The first is the magical deer park called Jaegersborg Dyrehave which feels like a place from Grimm’s fairy tales. The second is Skovshoved (don’t bother trying to say it correctly) that houses the famous minimalist petrol station designed by Arne Jacobsen. For getting back to Copenhagen, grab your bikes and head on the train which runs hourly back to the city center

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